Harbor City Chorus

We are a Men's Barbershop Chorus located in Towson, MD, a chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, .We are very fortunate to have a new Director with a wealth of experience (as a singer, arranger, and director) John Rodgers. John brings a great sense of humor, energy and knowledge to every rehearsal - it's hard not to have fun, even though we're working our tails off!

Our members are PhDs, teachers, writers, accountants, retirees and students. Some have over 40 years of singing experience while others have just started in this great hobby. Our audition process is tough but fair - we don't want to exclude anyone, but we want to make it clear that we have high expectations for our members and their work ethic.

We work hard, we have fun, we make beautiful music. How cool is that?

Why don't you come and be a part of our chorus?